Thanks for Writing!

I began writing The Scent Series for many different reasons.

For one, I wanted to discuss some pretty serious topics…such as the double standards that have become so pervasive, where men are deemed heroes for their sexual conquests, but women are ostracized. So I explored it,using fiction, and created the main female lead, Morgan Freeman, who chooses not to live by those standards. In fact, she exploits her own sexuality for financial gain, dressing provocatively in her billboards. This action helps her to succeed; it also causes her to (***spoiler alert***) gain the attention of a religious zealot who stalks and nearly kills her.

In The Scent Series, you will see the recurring theme of some of the woes of society: a drug addicted mother, whose situation leads to some very dangerous situations for her daughter; discussion on the Steubenville rape case (read about it in this link) ; stalking; and racism, to name a few.

However, no completely serious topic is stomached as easily as when it is surrounded by a nail-biting-plot-twisted (I totally just made that up!) story line where cliff hangers abound; oh yeah, and really awesome sex!

And why did I choose to write such risque (I’m quoting one of the doctors with who I work that described The Scent of a Woman using this word) scenes? Because SEX IS IMPORTANT, and it should be enjoyable and it should be healthy. And after having completed >450 sexual assault nurse exams (SANE), and seeing sex used as a weapon and carried out in such a harmful and unhealthy way, I needed a platform to “rewrite” it as good. And what a platform it has been! And ultimately it’s a love story, though that is not the way I had originally planned it (the characters eventually wrote themselves onto the page using my brain and my fingers to do so).

Now enjoy. And remember that sex should be good. And it should happen between two consenting adults. Here is a great video explaining that; not that you need it explained, but it’s just so fun to watch!

When Is It Okay To Have Sex? This Brilliant Video About Consent Is Spreading Like Wildfire.

And here is a link to purchase The Scent Series, in case I’ve piqued your curiosity:


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